Giving Up

I am down. Like I am worth nothing. Everything progress I made, every step I took was all for naught. What do you do when even your home doesn’t feel like home? I go home, change for the better and yet…. They still see you as the same man you tried to bury in the […]

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Something Beautiful

I guess there are times where we end up stuck. Like we’ve lost all motivation… And comes the point in our lives where we thought we’d end it all. But then, it came. Walking slowly towards you along the sidewalk, Truly captivating. All of a sudden I forgot all the sadness of the world. Was […]

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Cryptic Signals

Cryptic signals, I keep saying. As if I never understood him at all. As if despite of all the possible colors and of the easy black and white, he has always been gray. A deep dark shade of gray. 

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